Algorithmic Solutions, Inc helps companies design, develop, integrate and deploy business solutions using Microsoft .NET platform, including C#, web services, XML and SOAP, from its state-of-art offshore development center. Our .NET and SQL Server development expertise includes:

  • Developing web services with .Net framework and SOAP toolkit
  • Enterprise Services (distributed transactions)
  • Custom Remoting (marshalling, channeling, security)
  • Reflection (dynamic emitting of assemblies, CodeDOM, custom attributes, auto generation of Web Service proxy)
  • AppDomain management (custom assembly resolving), Garbage collection, GAC.
  • Reporting (Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services)
  • WinForm (custom controls, asynchronous data and message processing, custom designers, XP look-n-feel)
  • WebForms (custom frameworks, controls, caching, client dhtml-to-webservices collaboration, XML/XSLT)
  • XML DOM and XPath
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WPF (Window Presentation Foundation)
  • Multithreading (synchronization, thread-safe UI, thread pooling)
  • Serialization (custom, selective, versioning support)
  • Globalization (multi-language application support)
  • Configuration (custom section handlers)
  • Advanced Dataset management, caching, and synchronization
  • Multi-tenant data architectures
  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
  • SQL Server Notification Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services and data warehousing

News and Activities

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