Is is shipping Genuine Chia Seeds in Pakistan?

Posted By: Agorithmic Solutions on 25 Dec, 2022

Chia seeds are miracle small black seeds loaded with the omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds belong to the eastern America but now they are grown and used in many parts of the world. Farmers here in Pakistan are investing in organic food supplements.

The quality and the color of locally grown Chia seeds is not much competitive as compared to Europe or America regions. People in Pakistan are suffering from low quality chia seeds or getting completely new variety of seeds in the name of Chia Seeds i.e. Tukhm e balanga, Basil seeds, Black seeds or tukham e Rehan. All these seeds variations look similar to the chia seeds.

Chia Seeds Pakistan

Brown Vs Black Chia Seeds, Difference in Nutrition and Price

Red chia seeds are harvested when the black chia seeds suffer water loss, environment issues or the land is not fertile for the crop. The grown chia seeds become brown. Brown Chia seeds are small in size as well as posses no omega 3 fatty acids.

Where to Order Chia Seed from

Moringa Pure Pakistan Store is authentic seller on daraz. You can visit these links to order 250gm Black imported Chia Seeds or 100gm Black Organic Chia Seeds in Pakistan. As many sellers are sending fake chia seeds i.e. tukham e balanga to the populaton in Pakistan. You can buy Chia seeds from Moringa Pure Store on Daraz. They supply Imported Chia seeds in Pakistan. Buy 100GM Organic Chia Seeds on daraz | Buy 250GM Organic Chia Seeds on daraz

Chia Seeds Pakistan on Instagram

If you are Instagram user you can have look at the chia seeds fields, crops and news about chia seeds in Pakistan. You may follow the Authentic Chia seeds seller of Pakistan on Instagram. Official Pakistan Chia Seeds Store

Chia Seeds Blog and Websites in Pakistan

You can find Chia Seeds on OLX Pakistan, On Chia Seeds Pakistan Facebook Page, On Twitter Chia Pakistan,On Pinterest Chia Pakistan ,Linkedin, Chia Seeds from Moringa Pure Store Pakistan& Whatsapp 03024184220 as Well. Click Here to Submit your Chia Seeds order here

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